CROATIA, 1945, Storm Trooper souvenir sheet

CROATIA, 1945, Storm Trooper souvenir sheet, used with Zagreb 2nd day of issue cancels on reverse of a large Zagreb bank cover, Very Fine. Michel No. Block 8. Est. 1,000 – 1,500 CHF Dealer Harmers SA Auction Minimum Bid: 1000.00 CHF (via 15 Harmers Auction SA – item 9267-A12-1825)

RUSSIA-Germany, 1922

RUSSIA-Germany, 1922 (Sept. 30) registered cover from Novocherkassk to Berlin, franked on front with Imperial Arms imperf. pairs of 10K and 10R, used in combination with perf. block of 4 7K and imperf block of 4 7500R on 250R. Registered label also on front with manuscript number. On reverse franked with 2 10R perf and the complete set of Rostov-on-Don charity stamps, each cancelled with local and external dispatch cds.’s. Berlin arrival 12.10.22 cds. Fine and exceptional cover, signed and Cert. Mikulski. Michel No. 69B,80A,81A/B, Z1/4. Est. 6,000 – 8,000 CHF (via 15 Harmers Auction SA – item 9267-A12-1766)


China, 1892 (10 Dec. ) Norwegen 10o. Ganzsachenkarte an das deutsche Konsulat in Hongkong (16. 1,93) nachgesandt bis Tientsin (7. 2. 93) über Shanghai (21,1,93), gestempelt mit “Christianssand” Datumsstempel, mit “zu bezahlen” Rahmenstempel in rot, mit “Singapur / nach Hongkong” Datumsstempel (10. 1,93, auf der Rückseite), “Hongkong / D” Datumsstempel, “Zoll / Shanghai” und “Zoll / Tientsin” (auf der Rückseite) Zweikreisdatumsstempel beide in blau, fein, seltener Ursprung, befördert durch den Winter-Überland-Postdienst von Shanghai bis Tientsin. BPB Attest (2008). Schätzpreis HK$ 12,000 – 15,000 (via Interasia – Hong Kong – Los 26-A201205-2)


Japan-Norway. 1879/80 Norway, 10 Oe. used “VALEMAAREL 6/2 1880„ on round-the-world-card, east/ irregularwestbound: german UPU card 10 Pf. (corner rault) posted „Döbeln 13/4/79” showing stamps of India 1/2 A., 1 A. used CALCUTTA, Japan 1876 1 S., 2 S. x2 used HIOGO (this may be the 7 sen letter rate to Australia 1877-91, please check), USA 3 C. used MILWAUKEE and Norway as mentioned; via Cairo/Egypt, Calcutta/India, Melbourne/Australia, Ceara/Brazil, Milwaaukee/USA, Hiogo (Kobe)/Japan, London, Vaaler/Norway back to Grimma/Saxony 13/2/1880. 20 postmarks, time in transit 306 days. Faults as to be expected, stunning item. Min Bid: 2500.00 EUR


LAOS, Airmail, 1957, Smiling Buddha and Monks, collective de luxe proof sheetlet of three and the 24k in a single sheet, perforated and gummed. Very scarce. Michel No. 70-73. Scott No. C27-30. Est. 500 – 750 CHF (via 15. Harmers Auction SA – Los 9267-A12-1537)