Empire France

1 Fr. karmin, besonders farbfrisches Exemplar, rechts mit vollständigem Bogenrand u. «ligne d’encadrement», übrige drei Seiten regelmässig breiter Rand, ungebraucht mit vollem Originalgummi (leichte Falzspur), Rarität in tadelloser Erhaltung, sign. Diena, Brun, Calves u. Att.Scheller, Maury 18c = 22500 Dealer Chiani Auctions Auction Minimum Bid: 7000.00 CHF

(via Philasearch.com: Chiani-Auction, major international Sale – item 9078-A2012-1623)


April 20 – 21,2012

The 335.Auktion provides as always a large offer of Germany, with a remarkable Brustschild collection.
Europe with the priority in France, Luxembourg and SwitzerlandMany high-quality gold coins
are on offer and a wide range of collections with an interesting old dealers stock.


French Antarctic Territories

French area in the Antarctica: 1956-1969, 23 good items especially motives birds / **, isolates, in addition to it a few ‘British and austral stamps’ to crawl, Wale. Catalogue? 1’000 + 400


Letter send from France to Berlin

1913, decorative advertising cover amongst other things for Automobilteile from Paris to Berlin.


France – Collections

1849-1970: excellent expanded and partly marked specialized collection in several albums. The focal point lies in the region the classic with rarities abundant alike a vertical têtê-bêche pair the 20 C. black, 40 C. orange with retouched “4” or 1 Fr. vermillon in perfect condition, in addition to it further Kehrdruck-paired lots or on covers. By the Bordeaux issues are in the region the colour shades and prints (reports) numerous rarities included. Likewise from 1877 with of the scarce 1 C. Prussian blue or Hurried de France on covers respectively cut, airmail, good postage due stamp or stamps with advance cancellations. There follows the general issues for the colonies with the extremely scarce têtê-bêche pair the 10 C. yellow brown. Subsequently are the many former colonies with good material, by the majority in the middle price-class, documented. Regarding contents and quality the stamps an exciting high-level object of a class. Everything essential respectively scarce material is with kompetenten certificates from Calves, Brun, Roumet and so on. Attached. 

(via Philasearch.com: Rapp 2011 Stamp Auction Sale – Single Lots and Collections – item 9076-A2011-1894)