GDR, Katharina von Bora

German Democratic Republic, GDR, Stamp

2755, decoratively, colored and scarce MK “Catherine from bora”, matching special cancellation

Chinese local posts

Chinese Local Posts: Shanghai, 1897 (20 Oct.) envelope to Shanghai (26.10) via Kobe bearing Japan Koban 5s. cancelled by “Yokohama/Japan” c.d.s. and Shanghai 1c. brown and black cancelled by circular barred grid, showing “Shanghai/I.J.P.O.” and “Shanghai/Local Post/J” arrival c.d.s. on reverse, very fine and outstanding incoming cover with the Shanghai stamp paying the local delivery. Estimate HK$ 50,000 – 60,000 A similar envelope mailed one day earlier but arriving on the same day was in the Anna-Lisa and Sven-Eric Beckeman collection. (via Interasia – Hong Kong – item 26-A201205-2189)

Taiwan, Japanese Field Post Offices

Taiwan, Japanese Field Post Offices

Taiwan, Japanese Field Post Offices : 1896 (25 July) envelope to the German Consulate in Daiotei (Dadaocheng) bearing Japan 2s., cancelled by “No. 2 Taiwan Field Post” native c.d.s. in red, very fine and rare use of the Military Post Office for the transmission of civilian mail. Estimate HK$ 8,000 – 10,000 (via Interasia – Hong Kong – item 26-A201205-2132)

Japan – 2 Sn-GSU

Japan - 2 Sn-GSU with additional 1901

Japan – 2 Sn-GSU with additional franking to Nürnberg 1901 (via 59. Hartmut Raith Auction Sale – item 25-A59-3432)

Ceylon stamp

Ceylon stamp

Ceylon stamp, – A wonderful copy 1 sh. 9d. with good to large margins all around and a light well placed grid canc. Very scarce in this quality. Cert. RPS. SUPERB.

Dealer Postiljonen Auction

Auction Minimum Bid: 1000.00 EUR

(via 200th Postiljonen international stamp auction – item 11-A200-18)