German Russian Occupation, old letter, cover 1946

District “3 Berlin 54”, worker 6 and 10 Pfg. in tenfold franking with American/British Zone / joint issues on faultless R local letter, signed Heweker.



Old Letter Switzerland, Moutier to Berne

25Rp. Mixed postage Rayon I + II. 5Rp. On cover from Moutier to Berne. 16II types 8 + 16 / B1-LU have slight error in cutting, very fine. 17II type 2 / B3-RO is white margined and perfect. Decorative cover, certificate with photograph Weid.


Old Letter send from Switzerland to Italy

Private postal stationery PrU7 with attractive franking to Italy. In good legitimate condition.


Argentina 1867,

Cover from Buenos Ayres to Bordeaux with on face French sea mail two ring cancel Buenos Ayres PAQ fr. K no. 1 (Anschlußpost for the line from Brazil to France) as well K 2 BRESIL 1 Bordeaux, 18. 1. 68 and tax cancel 10, rare.


Old Letter Cover

German Colonies Kiautschou, forerunner

3Pfg. Yellow brown, in total 10 pieces, as well block of four, multiple franking on registered postcard from Tsintau to Nürnberg, in good legitimate condition. A connoisseur´s piece with certificate with photograph Dr. Steuer.