33nd Darmstädter Stamps & Coin Auction

March 31, 2012

Large offer stamps, coins and medals. Very good selection of material from all german areas. Excellent offer Zeppelin mail. Also European and overseas material and a large selection lots and collections including untouched estates.
Last but not least antiques and jewelry.

United States Mint Announces 2012 Presidential $1 Coin Designs

The United States Mint announced the designs that will appear on the Presidential $1 Coins in 2012.  The obverse (heads sides) of the coins will bear striking portraits of former Presidents Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland (first term), Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland (second term).  It will be interesting to see the production figures with the recent news from Neal S. Wolin is Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
Images/Text: U.S.Mint

NUMPHIL, Coin auction, January 17th, 2012

NUMPHIL, Coin auction

January 17th, 2012
Coin auction with main focus on antiques golden coins.

76. Veuskens Stamp Auction Sale

76. Veuskens Stamp Auction Sale

January 13-14, 2012
76 Veuskens Stamp Auction Sale
Interesting offer of stamps and coins. The focus is on a huge estate stamp, we were able to take in over 90 closed moving boxes from the city Kiel . Numerous cultivated collections of many areas, content-rich books and high-quality single lots (without end) come from this stock to sale.