Taiwan, Japanese Field Post Offices

Taiwan, Japanese Field Post Offices

Taiwan, Japanese Field Post Offices : 1896 (25 July) envelope to the German Consulate in Daiotei (Dadaocheng) bearing Japan 2s., cancelled by “No. 2 Taiwan Field Post” native c.d.s. in red, very fine and rare use of the Military Post Office for the transmission of civilian mail. Estimate HK$ 8,000 – 10,000 (via Philasearch.com: Interasia – Hong Kong – item 26-A201205-2132)

Japan – 2 Sn-GSU

Japan - 2 Sn-GSU with additional 1901

Japan – 2 Sn-GSU with additional franking to Nürnberg 1901 (via Philasearch.com: 59. Hartmut Raith Auction Sale – item 25-A59-3432)


Japan-Norway. 1879/80 Norway, 10 Oe. used “VALEMAAREL 6/2 1880„ on round-the-world-card, east/ irregularwestbound: german UPU card 10 Pf. (corner rault) posted „Döbeln 13/4/79” showing stamps of India 1/2 A., 1 A. used CALCUTTA, Japan 1876 1 S., 2 S. x2 used HIOGO (this may be the 7 sen letter rate to Australia 1877-91, please check), USA 3 C. used MILWAUKEE and Norway as mentioned; via Cairo/Egypt, Calcutta/India, Melbourne/Australia, Ceara/Brazil, Milwaaukee/USA, Hiogo (Kobe)/Japan, London, Vaaler/Norway back to Grimma/Saxony 13/2/1880. 20 postmarks, time in transit 306 days. Faults as to be expected, stunning item. Min Bid: 2500.00 EUR


Japan, 9 different stamps with special cancellations on 2 cards and 1 piece

(Source: http://www.philasearch.com/en/i_9241_3145/Japan/michel_123-28, 130-33.html?breadcrumbId=147106231)


Japan 1897 registered cover franked with Japanese 2sen carmine, 10sen brown orange and 3sen lilac, tied by Fusan I.J.P.O., paying 15sen to Kobe, with “Kakidome” (registration) and “Haitatsuchome” (return receipt) markings on front, v.f. and attractive cover, with Einchorn cert. (via Philasearch.com: Cherrystone: U.S. and Worldwide Sale – item 13-A201202-3126)