Landscape in Cameroon, Africa, Picture Postcard

Picture Postcard, landscape in New Mecklenburg (South Sea)

From the 5th Joerg Kalks Auction 
German Colonies, Cameroon – Picture Postcards

Thanks colonial warriors; landscape in New Mecklenburg (South Sea)Thanks colonial warriors; landscape in Cameroon, Africa
April 19, 20125th Joerg Kalks Auctionin my 5th auction you will find over 200 lots for a minimum bid of 1 Euro. Each lot will be sold to the highest bidder for the highest bid.
On offer Militaria, honors, picture postcard, historic pieces and propaganda.

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Great Britain – Picture Postcard

colored Moon Shine from Stirling Castle


Switzerland – Picture Postcard, Fashion

1913! Les Entravées, sig. X.Sager! 


Germany 1903

(16.2.), Germania 5pf used on picture postcard with ‘KAIS. DEUTSCHE MARINE-SCHIFFSPOST No. 19’ cds written in Ponta Delgada and adressed to Munich with arrival pmk. on front (2.3.03), picture on reverse ‘S. Miguel-Acores. Sete Cidades’

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