Earthquake 1913, Bulgaria



Old Postcard from Greece, 1913 / 24, 2 and 20 L. (irregular roulette), on face on picture postcard “Salonica” from 13. oct 25 to Prag

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Falkland Islands, Antarctica, postcard

_Falkland Islands, Antarctica – 1 P. Falkland islands single franking on postcard (picture postcards “south Pole ship Germany”) to Berlin with rare r oter vignette “German South Pole expedition” and violet L4 “Polarschiff Germany south Georgia Grytviken 10. December 1911 (vignette left lower corner)_
_Minimum Bid: 100.00 EUR_

March 31, 2012
40th Rosslau Auction HouseAuction specialized on real used mail. Strong sections German Empire, Germany 1945-1949 and DDR.

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Postcard from Peru to Germany, 1946


Postcard, Monaco, 1914 Air Rally – Milan to Monaco. Club flight card with red “Monaco 1914 – Rallye Aerien” stamp tied by purple Milano origin date stamp, similar Monaco receiving date stamp on front and reverse, Very Fine (Muller 7). Estimate; $100 – 150.