Chinese local posts

Chinese Local Posts: Shanghai, 1897 (20 Oct.) envelope to Shanghai (26.10) via Kobe bearing Japan Koban 5s. cancelled by “Yokohama/Japan” c.d.s. and Shanghai 1c. brown and black cancelled by circular barred grid, showing “Shanghai/I.J.P.O.” and “Shanghai/Local Post/J” arrival c.d.s. on reverse, very fine and outstanding incoming cover with the Shanghai stamp paying the local delivery. Estimate HK$ 50,000 – 60,000 A similar envelope mailed one day earlier but arriving on the same day was in the Anna-Lisa and Sven-Eric Beckeman collection. (via Interasia – Hong Kong – item 26-A201205-2189)


China, 1892 (10 Dec. ) Norwegen 10o. Ganzsachenkarte an das deutsche Konsulat in Hongkong (16. 1,93) nachgesandt bis Tientsin (7. 2. 93) über Shanghai (21,1,93), gestempelt mit “Christianssand” Datumsstempel, mit “zu bezahlen” Rahmenstempel in rot, mit “Singapur / nach Hongkong” Datumsstempel (10. 1,93, auf der Rückseite), “Hongkong / D” Datumsstempel, “Zoll / Shanghai” und “Zoll / Tientsin” (auf der Rückseite) Zweikreisdatumsstempel beide in blau, fein, seltener Ursprung, befördert durch den Winter-Überland-Postdienst von Shanghai bis Tientsin. BPB Attest (2008). Schätzpreis HK$ 12,000 – 15,000 (via Interasia – Hong Kong – Los 26-A201205-2)

Russia Post, China, 1891 Cover, Handwriting, Letter, Stamps

Russia Post in China, TIENTSIN: 1891 Cover (flap missing) registered to His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Aleksander Mikhailovich in St. Petersburg, with two Arms 14k, playing the three times 7k rate plus an additional 7k for registeration, tied by a fine crisp strike of double oval TYAN-TSZIN ds (T&S type 3A, variety month above day), above strike at left & ms registeration number, Troitskosvask transit bs. An attractive and superb item for the Royalty collector. An Iconic cover of the Russian post in China Provenance: ex Fabergé (Katalogpreis: 0.00)


David Feldman S. A. Geneva


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Republic of China, 1961 Mi.608-613, Starocinska ceramics, incomplete set, cat. 200EUR (via 36 Burda Auction – item 9251-A36-1196)


China, 1929 (July 8) two covers representing both legs of Shanghai-Nanking section of Shanghai-Chengtu Route, each franked by complete sets of second airmail issue tied by multiple strikes of special chop plus 10c Mausoleum on the Shanghai departure and 10c Unification and 4c Junk (on reverse). 2,000 covers were carried on the Shanghai to Nanking leg with only 1,000 carried on the return flight. A scarce pair of covers for this important inauguration flight, overall clean, Very Fine. Estimate HK$ 2,000 – 3,000.