Brazil 1845 90r black, type IIa, intermediate impression, and…

Brazil 1845 90r black, type IIa, intermediate impression, and 30r black, type II, intermediate impression, a remarkable 90r block of six, 3×2, with predominantly large margins, just touched at top right of upper right adhesive, together with a block of four, just touched at left, otherwise large margins, in combination with 30r vertical pair, all tied to piece of judicial document dated March 18, 1856 by framed “Cidade/De/Nichteroy” handstamp in a brilliant orangish red color, very fine.. .

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France Cérès 1849 1F VERMILLON (n°7) avec 4 grandes marges obl….

France Cérès 1849 1F VERMILLON (n°7) avec 4 grandes marges obl. grille + T.15 MARSEILLE sur lettre pour ANGOULEME. Le timbre a été décolé pour expertise . Exceptionnel dans cette qualité. Superbe.

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Waterlow Die Proof: 1/6 tr. Purple (13F8), size 38X38mm, bearing…

Waterlow Die Proof: 1/6 tr. Purple (13F8), size 38X38mm, bearing text “Kalimpong 1912, 1st Proof, Value 1 anna, Ticket of this value is sold in Tibet in green colour”, probably a comment from the Master of the Mint himself, Tsarong, very fine & a unique item, cert. Olsson

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ITALY – LIBYA 1921-31 Pictorials and Libyan Sibyl issues Lot…


1921-31 Pictorials and Libyan Sibyl issues

Lot of seven die proof cards showing various values in a range of colours, namely:

1) 235X160mm card with six “Sibyl” values and nine Pictorials in various colours
2) 165X116mm card with three “Ancient Galley” in various colours
3) 165X100mm card with four “Sibyl” values in various colours
4) 140X90mm card with four “Sibyl” values in various colours
5) 110X160mm card with 5L “Victory” proof in black an blue
6) 165X110mm card with three “Roman Legionary” proofs in various colours
7) 160X115mm card with three “Diana of Ephesus” proofs in various colours

A wonderful and very rare set of proofs

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JORDAN The Joe Patient DFC Unissued Set of King Talal 1951 King…


The Joe Patient DFC Unissued Set of King Talal

1951 King Talal Coronation Issue complete unused set of five value

1f fil green & grey, 2 fils orange & grey, 3 fils red & grey, 20
fils purple & grey, 100 fils dark blue & grey.

Public Auction
Minimum bid: 15000.00 EUR 

This extremely rare set was originally prepared for issue during
King Talal’s very short reign from July 1951 to August 1952 when he
abdicated, hence, the entire printing was destroyed by fire except
for a handful of examples of each, the 100 fils being the rarest
with apparently only a pair surviving the fire & which were poorly
separated, hence, the small portion of the adjoining stamp, still
attached the 100 fils in this set.

Note: An article was published in the October 2000 issue of the
London Philatelist describing in detail the event surrounding the
sets discovery, rarity and important to the world of philately. The
text from the article is included online and with the lot.

Undoubtedly one of the rarest sets of Middle Eastern philately and
of course missing from the Royal collection, truly a great rarity
with a wonderful provenance and story behind it.

Joe Patient was born in London in 1917. After a variety of jobs he
worked as a fitter at De Havillands on the experimental Mosquito
fighter-bomber. In 1941 he volunteered and trained in Canada, and
was commissioned into the Mosquito Pathfinder Squadron. Awarded a
DFC for his fifth operation, he flew 59 in total. He became test
pilot, instructor and Commanding Officer of “M” Squadron Glider
Pilot Regiment. Operations in Palestine were followed by becoming
CHief Test Pilot MEDME. After demob in 1948 he became and advisor
to the Royal Egyptian Air Force, followed by GM Arab Airways in
Jordan. Following other executive posts he finally completed a
flying career of 32 years, piloting over 80 marks of aircraft.

He was first introduced to stamp collecting by R. T. Ledger MBE,
author of the “Philatelic History of Jordan -1922-1953” and even
assisted in its compilation. When King Abdulla of Jordan was
assassinated in Jerusalem in 1951, his son Amir Talal succeeded,
and special stamps were prepared to commemorate his accession. His
was, however, to be a short and sorry reign. Blighted by continual
health problems, he abdicated less than a year later. The stamps
were sent to be incinerated but one way or another, both partly
burnt and undamaged stamps were salvaged, many of which came into
Joe Patients’s possession, before selling them to the Mosden Stamp
Company in the Strand in 1956. However it was through his contact
with a Minister present at the burning that he was bale to purchase
an example of the 100f stamp, of which only 2 were saved from the

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