Chinese local posts

Chinese Local Posts: Shanghai, 1897 (20 Oct.) envelope to Shanghai (26.10) via Kobe bearing Japan Koban 5s. cancelled by “Yokohama/Japan” c.d.s. and Shanghai 1c. brown and black cancelled by circular barred grid, showing “Shanghai/I.J.P.O.” and “Shanghai/Local Post/J” arrival c.d.s. on reverse, very fine and outstanding incoming cover with the Shanghai stamp paying the local delivery. Estimate HK$ 50,000 – 60,000 A similar envelope mailed one day earlier but arriving on the same day was in the Anna-Lisa and Sven-Eric Beckeman collection. (via Interasia – Hong Kong – item 26-A201205-2189)

Taiwan, Japanese Field Post Offices

Taiwan, Japanese Field Post Offices

Taiwan, Japanese Field Post Offices : 1896 (25 July) envelope to the German Consulate in Daiotei (Dadaocheng) bearing Japan 2s., cancelled by “No. 2 Taiwan Field Post” native c.d.s. in red, very fine and rare use of the Military Post Office for the transmission of civilian mail. Estimate HK$ 8,000 – 10,000 (via Interasia – Hong Kong – item 26-A201205-2132)

Japan – 2 Sn-GSU

Japan - 2 Sn-GSU with additional 1901

Japan – 2 Sn-GSU with additional franking to Nürnberg 1901 (via 59. Hartmut Raith Auction Sale – item 25-A59-3432)

Ceylon stamp

Ceylon stamp

Ceylon stamp, – A wonderful copy 1 sh. 9d. with good to large margins all around and a light well placed grid canc. Very scarce in this quality. Cert. RPS. SUPERB.

Dealer Postiljonen Auction

Auction Minimum Bid: 1000.00 EUR

(via 200th Postiljonen international stamp auction – item 11-A200-18)

1945 Inauguration of Chiang Kai-shek, engraver’s sample die proofs on cards, generally in black, two with flag in color, plus an additional master die in black (value tablets blank), each with plate number at top or bottom, fine-v.f., unique group of seven die proofs Dealer Cherrystone Auction Auction Estimate price: 4500.00 US$ (via Cherrystone: Worldwide Stamps and Postal History – item 13-A201204-526)