Antarctica postcard

Falkland Islands, Antarctica, postcard

Falkland Islands, Antarctica – 1 P. Falkland islands single franking on postcard (picture postcards “south Pole ship Germany”) to Berlin with rare r oter vignette “German South Pole expedition” and violet L4 “Polarschiff Germany south Georgia Grytviken 10. December 1911 (vignette left lower corner)
Minimum Bid: 100.00 EUR

March 31, 2012

Auction specialized on real used mail. Strong sections German Empire, Germany 1945-1949 and DDR.

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Russia postcard, 1939 Attempted Nonstop Flight

Russia, 1939 Attempted Nonstop Flight – Moscow to World’s Fair, New York. Registered picture postcard franked with 4-color franking tied by “Moscou, 28.4.39” cds’s, airmail and registry etiquettes, with “Miscou Lighthouse, N.B., Ap 28, 39” cds, Very Fine, only 32 cards where carried on this trans-oceanic flight. AAMC No. 1320 $900. Estimate; $400 – 600. The flight was from Moscow, Russia to Miscou Lighthouse, New Brunswick where Russain aviators Brig. Gen. V. Kokkinaki & Maj. Gen. M. Gordienko crashed after a successful flight across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean.
Russia postcard, 1939 Attempted Nonstop Flight 

by Rumsey Auctions

Old Post Card from Gibraltar

Gibraltar, Commercial Square, 1904

Old Post Card from Gibraltar, Commercial Square, 1904