Russia 1854, essay for the roof stamp Russia

Russia 1854, essay for the roof stamp Russia: center with Merkur head in gray black and border with inscription 10 Kop ZA lot in pale blue, Cut passé and on a piece paper assembles. Those essays existing in different colours and each Farbessay is only as single piece recorded. The existing comes from the Agathon Fabergé collection. The stamp is genuine, perfect and very fine. Large Russia rarity. Certificate with photograph Mikulski. 1854 essay for the roof stamp in Russia: Mercury-head in black and gray border with inscription ZA lot 10 LAD in diet blue, Cut passé and mounted on a piece of paper. Search essays exist in different colors and each color essay is only known as at individual item. This comes from the Agathon Fabergé collection. The essay is genuine, perfect and very beautiful. Large-RUSSIA RARITY. Certificate Mikulski.


Gärtner Christoph Auktionshaus

Auction Minimum Bid: 65.000.00 EUR

RUSSIA-Germany, 1922

RUSSIA-Germany, 1922 (Sept. 30) registered cover from Novocherkassk to Berlin, franked on front with Imperial Arms imperf. pairs of 10K and 10R, used in combination with perf. block of 4 7K and imperf block of 4 7500R on 250R. Registered label also on front with manuscript number. On reverse franked with 2 10R perf and the complete set of Rostov-on-Don charity stamps, each cancelled with local and external dispatch cds.’s. Berlin arrival 12.10.22 cds. Fine and exceptional cover, signed and Cert. Mikulski. Michel No. 69B,80A,81A/B, Z1/4. Est. 6,000 – 8,000 CHF (via 15 Harmers Auction SA – item 9267-A12-1766)


RUSSIA, 1923, 4r 4r Philately for Workers, overprint in silver, o.g., never hinged, Very Fine, with 2010 Sorani certificate.


Russia Portoger. 30-K.-Frankatur on registered cover from Vladivostok via Moscow to Munich and again return. 

(Source: 115th Württembergisches Auktionshaus – item 9228-A115-1864)

Russia 1923 FAR EAST, Rare Stamp

Russia 1923 FAR EAST / SOVIET REPUBLIC Mi.52A, Opt 20Kop/15Kop, horiz. Pr, air-mail issue Vladivostok, luxury condition, unbroken gum, as Pr rare, certificate Zagorskij, cat. 4000EUR


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1608.00 EUR
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