Japan-Norway. 1879/80 Norway, 10 Oe. used “VALEMAAREL 6/2 1880„ on round-the-world-card, east/ irregularwestbound: german UPU card 10 Pf. (corner rault) posted „Döbeln 13/4/79” showing stamps of India 1/2 A., 1 A. used CALCUTTA, Japan 1876 1 S., 2 S. x2 used HIOGO (this may be the 7 sen letter rate to Australia 1877-91, please check), USA 3 C. used MILWAUKEE and Norway as mentioned; via Cairo/Egypt, Calcutta/India, Melbourne/Australia, Ceara/Brazil, Milwaaukee/USA, Hiogo (Kobe)/Japan, London, Vaaler/Norway back to Grimma/Saxony 13/2/1880. 20 postmarks, time in transit 306 days. Faults as to be expected, stunning item. Min Bid: 2500.00 EUR