Saar, Hochwasserhilfe 1974-48

Saar flood souvenir sheet 2, stamp Saar flood souvenir sheet 2, neat cancelled “St. INGBERT 18. 12. 48”, perfect, certificate with photograph Ney. Saar Hochwasser-Block 2, sauber gestempelt “ST. INGBERT 18.12.48”, einwandfrei, Fotoattest Ney Hochwasserhilfe 1974-48, Helft den Hochwassergeschädigten Heinrich Köhler Auctions

347./349. Heinrich Köhler Stamp Auction

March 21-24, 2012

international auction offer including many rarities as well as special offers:
German Occupations WW-II Estonia, the Astrul collection of Brunswick,
the Rainer Bender collection “German Occupations WW-II” and the Friedrich
Spalink collection of early german horseshoe cancellations.

Auction Timetable:

Auction Schedule
21. March 2012
from 9.00 o’clock Lot# 2001 – 2922
Single lots:Europe with areas, coins etc.
from 14.30 o’clock Lot# 2923 – 3286
Single lots: German Colonies, WW. I. Occ., Germany after 1945
22. March 2012
from 09.00 o’clock Lot#3287 – 3752 Collections Europe and Overseas
from 13.30 o’clock Lot# 3753 – 4524
Collections : All World,  Country collections German states until German Federal Rep. 
23. March 2012
from 9.00 o’clock Lot#  5001 – 5373  German States: Baden-Lothringen, Collection ASTRUL (see Specialcatalog)
from 13.30 o’clock Lot#  5374 – 6023  Collection Friedrich Spalink, NDP-Deutsches Reich
24. March 2012
from 09.00 o’clock Lot# 1001 – 1733 Collection Rainer Bender -Occ. WW II (see Specialcatalog)
following Lot# 6024 – 6224  Occ. WW II.

Heinrich Köhler Auctions

Old German States Brunswick, letter, stamps, cover, auction

Old German States Brunswick
1 Silver penny carmin in the horizontal strip of three, very fine fresh colors, left having full margins respectively below in the margin line little touched, otherwise full- till mostly very large margins, each value with single clean mounted pre philatelic double circle. “ESCHERSHAUSEN” on kleinem Briefkuvert to Kiehnwerder by Letschin; the double circle postmark additional alongside, now with manuscript date “6 / 3” in raddle. A very rare cover, we have seven strip of three on cover registers, most with creases or error in cutting, this is the only this covers with pre philatelic Stempel; long-known piece from the collection trotter, certificate with photograph Lange BPP provenance: ‘Rheingold’ (266. Koehler auction 1989)
Minimum Bid: 8000.00 EUR

March 21-24, 2012

347./349. Heinrich Köhler Stamp Auction
Lot Detail