German colonies

German colonies – very interesting and extensive collection nearly complete compiled in the Borek hingeless printed form ring binder. As well German post offices in China 3-50 Pfg. diagonaly overprint, steep overprint complete existing, 2-5 Mk. Reichspost (5 Mk. in 2 different types), 1 C. – 2 1/2 Dollar unwatermarked, Morocco with the overprint set 1899, numerous Grossformate with better issues, German post offices in the Turkish Empire represented strongly with several large sizes and expensive values, German new Guinea with of the first overprint issue, ships set unwatermarked, German East Africa with the both overprint sets, ships set unwatermarked complete, German Southwest Africa abundant occupies, as well also the ships issue unwatermarked, Cameroon with overprint set and ships set unwatermarked, Western Caroline Islands 3-50 Pfg. steep overprint, ships set unwatermarked, Kiautschou with 3 Pfg.-5 Mk. ships complete, 1 C.-1 Dollar unwatermarked, the Mariana Islands steep overprint complete existing, ships set unwatermarked complete, nice part Marshall Islands with good part overprint items, Samoa with overprint set and ships set unwatermarked, as well Togo with overprint set, ships unwatermarked complete existing and so on. An impressing collection this sought-after issues with substance! (via 71. Gert Müller Auction Collections – item 9223-A71-62X)