Harald Rauhut, Stamp Auction, Switzerland, Neuenburg, 5 Cts,

 Harald Rauhut, Stamp Auction, Switzerland, Neuenburg, 5 Cts, Detail, 

Neuenburg (Neuchâtel, République et Canton de Neuchâtel), 5 Cts. black, proof ungummed on previously printed paper (back stagecoach Fig., probably by a post-schedule) from the right upper corner. Proof of this was a bow made with 100 copies of which are the lower half and a few other major parts of sheets in the Postal Museum. There are therefore only two corners of the sheet available. Old-Switzerland-rarity. Hertsch certificates and Eichele.
Minimum Bid: 5000.00 EUR
by 141th Harald Rauhut – Stamp Auction at March 24, 2012 

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Harald Rauhut – Stamp auction

Stamp, Switzerland, Waadt 4 C. black / red, Harald Rauhut, Auction

_Stamp Switzerland, Waadt 4 C. black / red, having huge margins item in outstanding quality, 45. stamp of the sheet, with hereupon scarce cancellation through black Geneva-based grid cancel (late use 1851), the Michel noted for that “clear additional charges”. Michel 19,000.- + (in this good quality cut anyway rare) . Signed Thier, Moser, Diena, as well certificates Rellstab, Eichele and Kimmel._
_Minimum Bid: 11000.00 EUR_

_by 141th Harald Rauhut – Stamp Auction, __March 24, 2012 _


Saar, Hochwasserhilfe 1974-48

Saar flood souvenir sheet 2, stamp Saar flood souvenir sheet 2, neat cancelled “St. INGBERT 18. 12. 48”, perfect, certificate with photograph Ney. Saar Hochwasser-Block 2, sauber gestempelt “ST. INGBERT 18.12.48”, einwandfrei, Fotoattest Ney Hochwasserhilfe 1974-48, Helft den Hochwassergeschädigten Heinrich Köhler Auctions http://dlvr.it/1Lq1Bb