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North German Postal District the using up cover in…

North German Postal District the using up cover in Constantinopel: 1
Gr., two having bright colors copies as additional franking on postal
stationery cover Prussia 2 Sgr. with pasted over 2 Gr. ultramarine of
the Norddt. Postal district as excessive tariff 4-Gr. Franking to
Antwerpen, clear stamp CONSTANTINOPEL N. P. A. 18 / 7 71, left at the
bottom blue forwarding postage note i. H. Of 1 Groschen. A 1-Gr. Stamp
with small, already before the affix more available roughening. The use
from postal stationery covers of the North German postal district in
Constantinopel places an all large forerunner rarity dar. The cover is
depicted in the handbook Dr. Steuer on S. 108 and is down to the present
day unique remained, signed Willmann, photo expertize Steuer BPP.
Catalogue value: airmail.


https://ift.tt/2IO2BIp Club May 26, 2018 at 09:30PM


German Post in Turkey, Forerunner ½ Gr. with 5 Gr. ochre-brown…

German Post in Turkey, Forerunner ½ Gr. with 5 Gr. ochre-brown in currency mixed postage with 3 pennies
bluish green on part from cover Vds. To Tunis, clear stamp KDPA
CONSTANTINOPEL 12 / 2 75 and handwritten rate marking “35 penny”. The ½
Gr. with blunted perforation, otherwise in faultless and fresh
condition. The 3 Pfg. stamp places in Constantinopel used already lots a
rarity dar, as currency mixed postage an unique, signed twice and
certificate Bothe BPP.


https://ift.tt/2Lyxx1i Club May 26, 2018 at 04:30PM

German Post in Turkey, Forerunner 1 Gr. with 2 Gr. blue and…

German Post in Turkey, Forerunner 1 Gr. with 2 Gr. blue and horizontal pair 2½ Gr. reddish brown,
faultless 8-Gr. Franking on folded letter in the 2. weight step with
course way over Varna to England. Centered. Stamp KDPA CONSTANTINOPEL 19
/ 9 73, whereby the left adhesive 1-Gr. Stamp without any cancellation
remained is. Already simple breast shield covers to Enland are heavy to
find, as postage for overweight letter with the here shown three colours
combination probable an unique, photo expertize Dr. Steuer BPP.


https://ift.tt/2Lyqa9Z Club May 26, 2018 at 11:30AM

German East Africa “Königsberg marl”: 5 Pfg. = 4 H.,…

German East Africa “Königsberg marl”: 5 Pfg. = 4 H., 25 copies partly in multiples on
face and reverse along with 2 R. green on fresh yellow package card to
Dar es Salaam. Clean mounted stamp MOHORO 11 / 8 16 (small Berlin year
date), above with three pasted over one another Package slips of paper
“Morhoro” handwritten over “Salale”. With some the as usual small
irregularities of this issue, altogether however first-class fresh and
clean in the condition. Mixed frankings the “Königsberg” issue with the
regular DOA stamps are practically untraceably, associated with a Rupee
value places existing card a spectacular postal history rarity dar.


https://ift.tt/2IKJAuO Club May 26, 2018 at 06:30AM

Rhodesia 1913-19 Admiral £1 five examples, plus 1s and Arms 3s…

Rhodesia 1913-19 Admiral £1 five examples, plus 1s and Arms 3s pair and
10s, all tied on revenue document by purple cachet, fresh vibrant
colour, very fine.


https://ift.tt/2IS08g7 Club May 26, 2018 at 02:30AM