Foreign gold coins and -medals – Russia. Nikolaus II. 1894-1917….

Foreign gold coins and -medals – Russia. Nikolaus II. 1894-1917. Gold medal in the weight to 50 ducat 1903. from Vasyutinsky completion the Troitsky bridge (“bridge the Holy Trinity”, later “Kirov bridge”, designed from the French peoples Paul Bodin) over the Neva uncirculated Petersburg. Staggered heads of the Tsars Alexander III., his Wife Mary Feodorovna and of the Tsars Nikolaus II. from of the left page / view of the Troitsky with the panorama the fortress Petropavlovskaya at the field of vision, before that the municipal coat of arms from St. Petersburg. 64 mm; 176, 55 g. Diakov 1371. 1 (R5) extremley fine, tiny scratch and margin fault, of prime rarity (estimated-price: 100000 EUR) the bridges building was 1897 to commemorate the 1891 happened silver wedding of the 1894 deceased Tsars Alexander III. with Dagmar from Denmark (the be since the wedding Mary Feodorovna titled) begun. At the laying the foundation stone 1897 was the French president Felix Faure present, in the same year was in Paris the foundation stone the his bridge Pont Alexandre III. in attendance of the Tsars Nikolaus II. put. Occasion the mutual Ehrenbezeugungen was the 1891 from Alexander III. stimulated and 1894 getroffene French Russian alliance. From this medal were in gold only 5-6 copies embossed and at hochrangige involved forgive. Today are still 3 copies recorded: the copy for Nikolaus II. in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, the copy for the architects Paul Bodin (auctioned by MDC, monaco, auction 1, Dezmber 2016, no. 963, surtax 153. 000 Euro), and this copy from French Presidents of the state Felix Faure. Provenance: from the estate its grandchild, the doctor Andre-Felix hills.

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