Gallienus, 253-268. Binio, 262, Mediolanum. Obv. GALLIENVS AVG….

Gallienus, 253-268. Binio, 262, Mediolanum. Obv. GALLIENVS AVG. Radiate head right. Rev. VOT – X – ET – XX within laurel wreath. RIC 95; Calicó 3667; Cohen 1353; R. Martini, L’impero romano, Nummi Selecti, Koinon 1986-1996, p. 211, n° 235 (this coin quoted, obverse illustrated). Gold. 8.33g.
Nice AU

The fashion of the aurei and their multiples mounted as jewelry was a real craze in Gaul during the second half of the third century. The great treasures discovered in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have yielded several, either in the form of chains or more or less complete necklaces. Some were also discovered through isolated finds: Cl. Brenot and C. Metzger, «Trouvailles de bijoux monétaires dans l’Occident romain », L’or monnayé III, trouvailles de monnaies d’or dans l’Occident romain. (Monetary jewelry finds in the Roman Occident. Gold coinage III, gold coin finds in the Roman West, Paris, 1992, p. 313- 371). For gold suspension mounts of this type, see P. Bastien and C. Metzger, “Le trésor de Beaurains” (dit d’Arras) (The treasure of Beaurains), Arras, 1977, p. 177-186 and G. Aubin, Fr. Baratte, C. Metzger and Fr. Planet, “Le trésor de Vaise à Lyon” (The Treasure of Vaise in Lyon), Lyon, 1999, p. 127-132 and 172-179. Under the reign of Gallienus, the general state of the Roman world is catastrophic. According to Eutropius (Breviarum, IX, 9, 1) «the situation was desperate and the Empire almost entirely destroyed». The pest, earthquakes, the systemic monetary and economic crisis, fratricidal wars, barbarian invasions and declining power made the years 250-270 the worst of the 3rd century. Even though the ancients’ vision of their period is excessive and reductive, it is however estimated that half the population of the vast empire had disappeared. A very sad record in itself! The Latin sources unanimously designate the person responsible: Gallienus, the legitimate emperor from 253 to 268, then nicknamed “The Little Nero”.

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