British Commonwealth  1936-51, Practically complete mint…

British Commonwealth  1936-51, Practically complete mint collection of KGVI in 3 New Age printed albums, starting with Aden 1937 set to mnh 10R, Bermuda high values with shades and perf. types, Burma 1937 set and 1937 Service set, Grenada 1938-50 10s perf.12 marginal, Kelantan 1937-40 set to $5, KUT 1938 set incl. £1 perf.11 3/4×13, New Zealand postal fiscals incl. 1931-40 35s yellow (SG £5’500) and £4.10 (SG £2’000), 1940-58 £3.10 (SG £3’500), perforation types with rarer examples throughout, officials, postage dues, a fabulous lot, one to tuck away (SG £74’000+)

(via – Collections and Lots British Commonwealth General Collections) Club May 31, 2017 at 05:30PM


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