Yves Siebers 64th Auction: Arts-Antiques-Tribal Art Art,…

Yves Siebers 64th Auction: Arts-Antiques-Tribal Art
Art, -Antiques and Tribal Art.

Trophy skull Papua New Guinea, human cranium, the nose and eye sockets übermodelliert with gray black bulk (beeswax or Harz?) and armed with cowries, likewise the craniumkalotte, where a number of the cranium wrapping round Rattan stripes converge and a loop form, the maxilla with partly missing perforation is likewise with Rattan stripes wraps round; on both temples hang stringy red plant seeds and cassowary be elastic; red plant seeds are also concentric about the loop the craniumkalotte impressed, H: without loop approximate 16 cm. From the papuans are prettified cranium both from ancestors (ndambirkus) being a also from enemies (ndaokus) recorded. Whose existing cranium it concerns at seeming about a trophy skull. A hole at the side of the scull, from which the brain of the enemy to the consumption pull out was, is not to see (there are at of the right page a hole similar recess, the but the bone not durchstöÃüt). The missing of the lower jaw speaks but for a trophy skull, because the mandible of the enemy usually the woman given was, the it at one necklace carried (Anthony JP Meyer, oceanic art, 1995, no. 64). also the possibility, the cranium at the loop drooping being a trophy to present, could for a Trophäeschädel speak

(via Antiquessearch.com – Africa, Oceania, Ethnica – Africa)

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