Japan, 1872, Dragon, 5s blue green, wove paper (J.S.C.A. 8d….

Japan, 1872, Dragon, 5s blue green, wove paper (J.S.C.A. 8d. Scott 8b), single stamp franking, position 8, on Dec. 1872 letter from Tamuke (postmaster seal) to Osaka. A magnificent cover with stamp tied by 2 choice strikes of Tamuke (probably a postmaster seal), with reverse showing bold, red Uzen yachi postal receiving / handling agency mark, boxed Tokyo postal bureau lunar cancel dated 27 Dec 172 and boxed vermilion Osaka lunar dater of 31 Dec. Front also shows boxed vermilion “evening delivery” marking. 5 sen was properly used as a domestic letter rate not exceeding 200 ri in distance, while both markings of Yachi are only recorded on this cover, which is the earliest reported entire of Yachi, with the postal agency opening only 3 months prior, Very Fine and choice, a Great Rarity of Japanese Philately, ex Metzlaar (1981) and Ruggiero (2014), with 1976 P.F.J. photo certificate signed Dr. Ichida, Koisumi, Dr. Tani and Amano, along with superb, highly detailed 2014 Eichhorn photo certificate. J.S.C.A. yen 1,500,000 (HK$ 95,770). Estimate HK$ 75,000 – 100,000.

(via Philasearch.com – Japan, Scott 8b)

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