Colombia. Classic Issues. 1865, 5c. yellow, wide margins,…

Colombia. Classic Issues. 1865, 5c. yellow, wide margins, together with 10c. violet in vertical block of six, just touched at base, otherwise largely margined, used on 2 June 1865 registered cover front to Santa Marta, unusually tied by “Certificación á Bogotá/Salió en_de_” postmark in red with inserted date in manuscript, additionally cancelled by oval handstamp on dispatch, showing red “0” markings as stipulated for registered mail and the compulsory notation of receipt and signature by the addressee on front. The preservation of cover fronts and no complete covers for registered mail is usual and in no way detract, as the side of the cover with the signature of the addressee was kept by the mail as proof of delivery. 5c. affected by a crease prior to being affixed to the cover, light crease through the block and a couple of pinholes. The largest block of this value on cover -the term block not considering strips-. Cert. Moorhouse. Scott 37, 38. Ex Larsen, Neuburger and Goeggel.

(via – Colombia) Club May 06, 2017 at 05:30PM


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