Colombia. Classic Issues. 1860, 5c. lilac grey, together with…

Colombia. Classic Issues. 1860, 5c. lilac grey, together with 10c. yellow buff, both from stone A, graced by a remarkable freshness and large balanced margins all around, cancelled by “Guamo” in manuscript, paying the single weight not exceeding 10 grams for a distance between 150 and 450 km., on cover from Guamo addressed to Baron Goury du Roslan, French Plenipotentiary Minister at Bogotá. As stipulated by postal regulations, cancellations have to be applied on postage stamps only, this practice being mainly possible when cancellations were in manuscript, as this action, following the compulsory will and skill of the postal clerk, enabled not to touch the letter; obviously, this norm was not possible to carry out with the application of postmarks which were larger than the space covered by the franking. This letter followed the “Línea del Sur” route via Espinal-Ricaurte-Tocaima, and La Mesa, this belonging to the “Línea del Pacífico”. One of just three covers recorded bearing this combination franking; the second issue is one of the most desirable and scarcest in the classic period. Cert. Moorhouse. Scott 10, 11. Ex Goeggel.

(via – Colombia) Club May 06, 2017 at 11:00PM


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