TRIQUERA 10c BLACK ON LOCAL COVER – ONE OF ONLY TWO RECORDED – WITH THE RARE PORT DE FRANCE C.D.S.; Fine 8 Dec. 1860 linen-lined env. (Sydney stationer’s imprint beneath flap; signed by Calves) to Kanala with Triquera 10c Black Local Issue (full sheet margin at top, position 9; pre-usage tear in top margin just touching top frame-line) at top left (as usual at this date) with a very fine and very rare 2-ring Noumea “PORT DE FRANCE/8/DEC./1860/NOUV. CALEDONIE” cds below (not on the stamp itself – as always for this issue – with offset of the cds on the back flap). Addressed to “Monsieur Latour, Chef du Service de Sante, Kanala” (probably Walther de la Tour, recorded as a “medecin de la Marine d’etat” at the time). This 10c Local was only in use for letters sent between Noumea and Kanala in 1860 & 1861. Believed to be one of only two truly local usages of this stamp on cover; the slightly commoner – but still very rare – recorded usages of this Triquera 10c on cover are in combination with N.S.W. Diadem 6d’s (known to Victoria, France & G.B.). [One of these Combination usages (the Triquera badly damaged though tied) realised £33,600 at auction in London in Dec. 2007.] The survival rate of local New Caledonia mail of the early 1860s is understandably minute. One of the rarest of all Pacific Islands covers. [With 1998 Roger Calves certificate of Genuineness, no.21458, stating that this is the only known correct local usage of this stamp on cover, but Tony recorded one other such cover, dated 12 Oct. 1860 mentioned (but not illustrated) in a 1959 Yvert auction. Also with letter, referred to in the Calves cert., written & signed in 1998 by Georges Kling agreeing with the cover’s authenticity with eight explanatory points.] Highly Important Exhibition Centre-piece. (Estimate 10000 GBP)

(via – New Caledonia) Club April 30, 2017 at 05:30PM


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