German navy ship´s mail: 1914 / 18, extensive collection of…

German navy ship´s mail: 1914 / 18, extensive collection of approximate 350 cards and covers from the MSP numbers 1 – 480, associations in the North and Baltic Sea room as well Flanders, with also various auxiliary ships and patrol vessels with small crew, amongst other things Auxiliary cruiser “Berlin”, internment Drontheim / Norway, also cruiser the at the Skagerrak battle participances (amongst other things “Derfflinger”), numerous official letters, also cover Mediterranean “special command Pola”, numerous submarines, as well Flanders, a number of navy censorships, also vignettes and blanking plate, in addition to it 1 submarine cover 1917, 42 documents navy seaplane and airship departments, outstanding set with numerous documents from various bases, as well Lake flight station Konstanza, the predominant part the FP cards shows multilateral maritime motives – at exceptional collection to the imperial navy ship´s mail – inspection recommended pictures for over-all lot online

(via – German Navy Ship post Collections) Club March 27, 2017 at 06:30AM


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