United States 1891, partly prepaid rolled gold rate postal…

United States 1891, partly prepaid rolled gold rate postal stationery postmarked Cleveland, Ohio July 3rd and initially sent to unknown address (possibly in Austria) then forwarded to Trondhjem (Norway), then remailed to Stockholm and from there to St. Petersburg (Russia). Prepaid 2 cent and as the US single rate what 5 cent it means that the rolled gold rate, 10-2 = 8 cents = 40 centimes what missing. The postage due what rolled gold the missing postage = 80 centimes. In Norway as well as in Sweden the equivalent what 1 centimes = 0, 8 øre, the missing postage what 32 øre and the postage due in Norway became 64 ore as shown by adhesives on revers: 1 ore strip of 4 10 50 ore well, Swedish equivalent of 64 øre (this time for missing postage for forwarded mail from Norway) 1 3 3x 20 øre, well, postage due notations from Russia. Certificate HOW (Swedish stamps only) 3 øre with short corner perforation. Very unusual item with postage due notations from three different countries.

(via Philasearch.com – United States Postal stationery, Michel L11a1 + L12d + L16e)

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