Old German States Saxony.Public AuctionMinimum bid: 80000.00 EUR…

Old German States Saxony.

Public Auction

Minimum bid: 80000.00 EUR    

The new discovered block of four: 3 Pfg. red, plate III, block of four the types 14-15 as well 19-20 with two ring cancel LEIPZIG NOV 50 on piece. In perfect fresh and clean condition, exceptional deeper colour and very nice embossment, with cut lines in the Bavarian lines system. The souvenir sheet is at the bottom cut in, otherwise all around with good till wide margins and in perfect condition. So far was only an only cancelled, loose block of four from Chemnitz (August 1850) recorded. The here offered souvenir sheet abided of the whole experts amazingly above one and a half centuries latent, because he carries no single one collector or expert signature. Interesssanterweise exisitiert a piece with two vertical pairs on obviously exact same stationery, likewise with postmark LEIPZIG from November 1850. the piece comes from the famous Ferrari collection (comp. The illustration by Georg Buehler in the monograph over the Saxony 3 Pfg., Berlin 1978, S. 44). It is adjoins a miracle, that such an one Jewel of the Old German States philately first to so long time for the first time on an auction offered becomes. Surely the most important philatelic New discovery for many years, photo expertize Rismondo BPP.

(via Philasearch.com – Old German States Saxony, Michel 1a(4))

http://ift.tt/2mfyx0w Club March 01, 2017 at 11:00PM


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