Switzerland cantonal Genf 1843 10c dark green & black,…

Switzerland cantonal Genf 1843 10c dark green & black, horizontal pair, the iconic “Double Geneva” unused, margins all around, with handstamped markings and pencil signed on back, very fine example of this classic issue, with some uncertainty regarding the gum. Accompanied by a 2004 SBPV/ASEP (Swiss Association of Philatelic Experts) from Alain von der Weid (“neuf et gomme d’origine, cette emission est rare avec gomme assez frais de couleur, papier sans defaut et en normal etat de conservation et sans defaut”) (unused with original gum, this issue is rare with gum, fresh color, faultless); and 2013 Jean-Claude Marchand certificate which states that “the stamp has a slightly faded colour, possibly due to some chemical alteration, the gum can also not be guaranteed to be original. So far with wide margins and in good condition. Nevertheless a very rare stamp.” While the color is slightly darker than usual, it does not appear to be faded. Catalogue value unused, is for an example without gum. A rarity! (Catalog value $77,500)

(via Philasearch.com – Switzerland cantonal Genf, Scott 2L1)

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