Canada 1912 (May 10) Winnipeg, Manitoba Air Circus (an…

Canada 1912 (May 10) Winnipeg, Manitoba Air Circus (an “Air Circus” was held in Winnipeg for an entire week. On May 10, it was expected that one of the pilots, Thomas McGoey would fly mail in his machine, with the authority of the postmaster), picture postcard, franked with 1c green, tied by Winnipeg, May 10, 1912 (9:30 a.m.) cds, bearing a personal note “Dear Mother, come take a trip with me”, also a three line “From Winnipeg by First Aerial Route Thomas McGoey, Aviator” cachet, addressed to Grand View Post Office, Brandford, Ont, with May 14 arrival pmk, creased at lower left and expertly restored, otherwise fine. It is not known whether this mail was carried by Sam Tickell on his attempt on 10th May, or whether it was dispatched via ordinary means upon the failure of McGoey to arrive. Being the only known item from this flight, this card is considered to be the greatest rarity of Canadian Aero philately

(via – Canada, Scott AAMS PF-3) Club January 07, 2017 at 11:00PM


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