1919 The Aero Club of the Philippines souvenir card bearing 2c…

1919 The Aero Club of the Philippines souvenir card bearing 2c with violet triangular “The Champion Explorer of the Sky / Miss Ruth Law” cachet, addressed to Manila, dated April 4-5, some card flaws, otherwise fine and rare. Ruth Law, who received her pilot’s license in 1912, was an accomplished flyer who had set the American nonstop cross-country record for men and women and the world nonstop cross-country record for women in November 1916, while flying from Chicago to New York. Not allowed to fly combat missions in World War I, she piloted airplanes to promote the sale of war bonds and stimulate reenlistments. Law refused to accept the U.S. War Department’s rejection, eventually earning the right to wear the uniform of a noncommissioned Army officer while flying on recruiting tours for the military. After the War, she formed Ruth Law’s Flying Circus. Along with a pair of pilots, she raced cars and flew through fireworks at county fairs. For her many aviation achievements she received the Glenn H. Curtiss Medal

(via Philasearch.com – Philippines)

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