** PRESTAMP & STAMPLESS MAIL, 1840-79 – SPECTACULAR & UNIQUE(?) SWISS POSTAGE DUES COVER WITH RARE LARGER RED “GAMBIA/A/PAID” C.D.S.; Remarkable cash-paid 21 Aug. 1879 env. (slightly reduced at top) to Basle “Via Liverpool” with a purple manuscript “6[d]” rate beside a mainly very fine rare larger red encircled “GAMBIA/A/PAID” cds (year omitted) – only recorded occasionally in the 1879-81 period – on the front along with a very fine red “PAID/LIVERPOOL/BR. PACKET” transit cds (3 Sept.), but apparently found to be over-weight on arrival in Switzerland and so charged “1.30” in red crayon, with Swiss 10h, 20h & 100h Blue Postage Due stamps (a couple of small stains in perfs.) on the front, all tied to each other (and the 10h just tied to the cover) by fair Basel cds’s. Probably a Unique Postage Dues cover and a very colourful and appealing Exhibition Item. [Ex Bavington-Jones, 1983; realised £990.] Cross Reference: POSTAGE DUE COVERS, SWITZERLAND, LANCASHIRE – LIVERPOOL, SHIP LETTERS

(via Philasearch.com – Gambia Cancellations and seals)

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