BRITISH GUIANA, 1850, 8c Black on Green, “Cotton…

BRITISH GUIANA, 1850, 8c Black on Green, “Cotton Reel” (4; SG 4).> Cut to shape, initialed “E. D. W.” (Edmond Dalzell Wight, clerk to the Colonial Post Office), affixed to piece by wafer and tied by light double-circle datestamp, margins mostly clear but just touching in couple of places^FINE EXAMPLE OF THE 1850 8-CENTS COTTON REEL. ONE OF THE MOST RECOGNIZABLE AND ICONIC STAMPS IN ALL OF PHILATELY. ESPECIALLY DIFFICULT TO FIND IN SOUND CONDITION. The first stamps of British Guiana were issued in July 1850, in denominations of 2c, 4c, 8c and 12c. They were printed at the offices of the Royal Gazette of British Guiana newspaper. Quickly produced from printer’s type and a printer’s rule bent into a crude circle, the stamps earned the nickname “Cotton Reel” from collectors because they look similar to labels on the wooden ends of a reel of cotton thread. Each stamp was initialed as a control to prevent either theft or counterfeiting. The “E.D.W.” initials of Edmond D. Wight also appear on the famous 1c Magenta British Guiana stamp. With 1968 Friedl certificate. SG £16,000

(via – British Guyana, Scott 4, SG 4) Club November 12, 2016 at 03:15PM


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