SWITZERLAND-USA, 1865 cover, franked with 10c blue, 40c green, and 60c bronze Sitting Helvetia issue, prepaying the 1F10c single letter rate to the United States under the US-French Convention. Stamps tied by RHEINECK c.d.s.’s, and front shows black “PD” handstamp, red SUISSE / ST LOUIS French entry, red manuscript “3” cent credit to the U.S., plus red BOSTON BR.PKT. / PAID arrival cds. Reverse bears CHUR-ST. GALLEN, ST. GALLEN-OLTEN, and OLTEN A BASEL ambulant transit c.d.s.’s. A beautiful transatlantic cover of great quality, with scarce three-color franking. Scott No. 44, 47, 48. Est. 500 – 750 CHF (via Philasearch.com: 15 Harmers Auction SA – item 9267-A12-646)

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