Netherlands – Stamp Collection 1852 – 1971, fantastic, died ECR with an enormous wealth of back issues and special features. Collected over decades. The ECR is in the WedmainNos.far more than complete., the charm of this object lies in the generalspecification, especially the spending until 1930. Thus, the first postage stamps spending, especially since 1867 in virtually all variants includedperforation, including the rarest and most expensive brands. Thus, in thenational coat of arms King Willem III series., Especially the series, even whenpostage stamps Set King Willem III. of 1872, the output numbers in a circle andvirtually all subsequent editions. The other expenses in abundance here, thecoronation of 1898 guilders, gulden, of course, all highvalue, the overprinted stamps, etc. In the later years of the verse. Role of brand perforationsspecialized collected, all in top condition. The last years delight in the notesthen also wide and deep collecting postage stamps, of course, hereperforation variations, etc. An exception XXXIX. That inspires. Very high cat and commercial value.

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