1874 (4 Mar) cover to Hamburg, franked with 6d (pl.12), 2d (pl.14) and 1sh (pl.8), tied by “C30” duplex and Valparaiso Paid departure cds, repeated alongside, with red London Paid on front and arrival pmks on back. This cover was carried on the “Cuzco” from Valparaiso to Callao, then the “Chile” to Panama; from there on the “Tasmanian” from Colon, arriving at Plymouth (11 April). The 1sh 8d rate was made up of 1sh 6d to England, plus 3d to German, less 1d for non-delivery in the United Kingdom. A fine three color combination cover from Chile to Germany (via Philasearch.com: Cherrystone: Worldwide Stamps and Postal History – item 13-A201204-249)

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