Argentina 1878 (31 Dec) FL from Buenos Aires to France, franked with 8c lake, tied by framed departure (“O.M.”) datestamp, used in combination with Great Britain 6d gray (pl.15) and 1d red (pl.200), cancelled on arrival, with red London Paid pmk alongside. Since the correct rate to France was 7 1/2d, the cover was underpaid by 1/2d, with “Paid” marking crossed out and “40” added in blue crayon, also handstamped “T” and charged “10 (decimes) on arrival at Bordeaux. While the British post office in Buenos Aires was closed at the end of June 1873, the British consul continued to sell stamps (until 1878) which were used to prepay the international rate on British packets (in this case on the Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. steamer “Minho”). All mail (after 1873) was also required to have Argentine stamps for internal postage. Cover with some toning, otherwise fine and rare combination

Estimate price:

1400.00 US$

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