Switzerland, Types 5 + 6 / 13 + 14

Old Letter, Switzerland, Stamps, Types 5 + 6 / 13 + 14 

Switzerland, Types 5 + 6 / 13 + 14 in the fresh colors block of four, mostly good margins (left above tiny to the margin line cut respectively right above touched lightly), each stamp clean tied by red feather lines and black “PP” turning into on not quite complete folded letter from Kerns with Aufgabestabstp. OBWALDEN to Naples with manuscript transit cancellation “Transito per lo Stato Pontificio”. The cover has at the 23. January 1853 the border happens and is at the 30. January in Naples arrived. To the bestehenden directions were insufficient franked covers alike all without prepaid postage covers treats (till 1856), that implies “the in unzureichendem bulk existing franco stamps (were) none consider”. This is the ground, Why the value statement on the stamps with red stiff crossed out are. As Rayon block of four on cover abroad unique. Certificates Cueni (1955) and Rellstab (1999) SBK  =  Liebhaberpreis. Provenance: collection SILVAPLANA (110. Corinphila auction 1999)

Minimum Bid: 18000.00 CHF (app. 14940 EUR)

April 24-28, 2012

Auction catalogues with rarities from all over the world.
The “Severin” collection with the history of the U.P.U. (Union Postale Universelle).
The ‘Seebub’ collection (part II) of Classic Swiss stamps with rare cancellations on early Swiss stamps
The ‘Alba’ collection with scarce Switzerland varieties.
The ‘Urania’ collection with early Balloon Mail from the ‘Spelterini’ cards to Prof. Piccard’s Stratospheric balloons to the rare Moon cover of Apollo 15.
Also a special collection of St.Petersburg City Post or the Italian Post offices in Egypt and Tunisia in the 19th Century. Another Highlight is GB & Colonies with a special section of imperforate Canada stamps as well as many scarce sets and values.

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