872 / 75, German Empire shields, unusually extensive and valuable collection of this highly interesting area in 3 boxes. Both the total Spectrum the single stamps in the areas the colours, Entwertungsarten, still used Old German States postmark, plate flaw (these alone 3 volumes) as also the uses the stamps on cards and covers are detailed and diverse processed. Already a listing only the unusually and rarest pieces became the frame this Catalogue burst. Therefore would we only Stichworte give: international letters (amongst other things destination Egypt and Australia), local covers, special delivery covers, package cards, accompanying letters for parcels, mixed postages groat / Kreuzer, 2 countries frankings, units on cover, Farbfrankaturen, plate flaw (3 volumes – catalogue 64. 000.- ), lots stamps and units – alone already a six STELLIGER catalogue value, and so on. ; also here by the entire pieces over and over again still used postmark, often selected in beautiful strikes. A large number the single stamps, units and covers / cards are qualified expertized and mostly with photo expertize or certificate with photograph attached. The photo boards in the catalogue can only a small impression this extraordinary collection connect, we recommend therefore for the examine a lot of time einzuplanen. (three circle cancel) (via Philasearch.com: 21st Christoph Gärtner Auction – item 9081-A21-20603)

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