Russia postcard, 1939 Attempted Nonstop Flight

Russia, 1939 Attempted Nonstop Flight – Moscow to World’s Fair, New York. Registered picture postcard franked with 4-color franking tied by “Moscou, 28.4.39” cds’s, airmail and registry etiquettes, with “Miscou Lighthouse, N.B., Ap 28, 39” cds, Very Fine, only 32 cards where carried on this trans-oceanic flight. AAMC No. 1320 $900. Estimate; $400 – 600. The flight was from Moscow, Russia to Miscou Lighthouse, New Brunswick where Russain aviators Brig. Gen. V. Kokkinaki & Maj. Gen. M. Gordienko crashed after a successful flight across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean.
Russia postcard, 1939 Attempted Nonstop Flight 

by Rumsey Auctions

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